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Heated Wood Floors

Installing Radiant Underfloor Heat Under Wood Floors

There are a couple product options available when installing radiant underfloor heating under wood floors: recommends using a contractor to install hydronic radiant heating systems.'s low voltage underfloor heating systems are designed for do-it-yourself installation. Check out this installation video or these steps to see how easy installation is.

Easy installation of radiant underfloor heat under wood Install radiant low voltage heating under wood When installing radiant heating under wood flooring , place the heating element directly below the finished flooring, as shown in the diagram.

Considerations for Heated Wood Floors

A few considerations with wood flooring heating:

  • With laminate flooring, a non-insulated cushion should be placed over the top of the heating element.
  • The National Wood Flooring Association requires wood floor surface temperatures be kept at 80° F or lower.
  • If possible, insulate under the floor to improve comfort and efficiency.

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