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Concrete Floor Heating

Installing Radiant Underfloor Heat in or on a Concrete Slab

Are you adding on to your current home? Or building a brand new house? Or, perhaps you are interested in heating a shop ? Adding radiant floor heat directly in, or on top of, a concrete slab will add much warmth and comfort to the space above.

You have three options for adding underfloor heat in, or on, a concrete slab:

Over the long run, operating costs will be lowest with a low voltage system. recommends using a contractor when installing hydronic radiant heating systems.'s low voltage and cable underfloor heating systems are both designed for easy installation:

  • For low voltage electric, check out this installation video , or these steps .
  • For electric cable, view this installation video, or check out these steps .

Install radiant underfloor heating products directly in concrete's low voltage element can be placed directly in concrete, as shown in the illustration above.

Install radiant underfloor heating products on top of concrete When installing low voltage electric element on top of a concrete slab, the element should be placed directly on top of the floor's insulation and covered with a floor leveler as shown in the illustration.

When radiant heat products are installed directly in concrete, you are left with flexibility in the flooring choice for the rooms above.

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