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Installing Electric Floor Heating Under Carpet

If you are installing underfloor heating under carpet, you have two options:'s low voltage underfloor heating systems are designed for easy installation. Check out this installation video or these steps to see how easy installation is.

Low voltage underfloor heating products that can be installed under carpet When installing low voltage underfloor heating under carpet, Enjoy heated carpet floors the heating element is placed directly above the thermal insulation and below the carpet padding, as the examples show.

A couple considerations with carpet:

  • Well-insulated carpet can reduce the effectiveness of the heating element. Make sure you choose carpet and padding with a combined R-value below 2.5. Healthier Choice is our recommended carpet pad. Leggit and Platt pads are not recommended due to their thickness.
  • Avoid prime or bonded polyurethane pads. recommends: Cerazob, cork, Pro Panel and rubber-backed pads such as Healthier Choice Sponge Cushion.

If you are placing carpet over a concrete slab you should consider insulating in between the slab and your carpet pad. Avoid prime or bonded polyurethane pads. For non-insulated spaces we recommend Cerazorb or cork to be used for insulating the floor.

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