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Stapling Underfloor Heating Between Floor Joists to Heat a Room Above

If your basement ceiling open, you can heat the area above it. Two options work well in this situation:

Over the long run, operating costs will be lower with a low voltage system. recommends using a contractor when installing a hydronic underfloor heating system.'s low voltage heating products are designed for easy installation. Refer to this installation video or these steps to see how easy installation is.

Radiant underfloor heating element installed between floor joists The only difference with installing heating elements in the floor joists is that you will be stapling the heating element directly to the subfloor, between the joists, as the illustrations shows.

There are a few things to consider when installing underfloor heating between floor joists:

  • Staple the heating element directly to the subfloor, leaving no gaps between the subfloor and the element.
  • Insulate with fiberglass batting (R-11 or higher) or friction fit 1" polystyrene directly after installing the heating element, so the heat rises into the room above.
  • Ensure there are no air gaps between the insulation and the heating element.
  • Avoid foil faced insulation against the low voltage element.

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