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STEP Warmfloor is a perfect product for professionals to offer to consumers. It is a user-friendly product for you to install, and will provide the homeowner superior comfort and reliability. Plus, with a 20-year warranty you can rest easy that you have installed a quality, reliable and energy efficient product. Your customers will enjoy it for years to come, and you will avoid the hassle of call-backs that you may experience with other products.

Energy Efficiency with STEP WarmFloor

UberGreen Spaces & Homes at the Proud Green Home of Louisville, talk about Step WarmFloor and how energy efficient the system is and how it is able to work under reclaimed Kentucky hardwood.


Professional Training

Training seminars are offered in person periodically throughout the year. Please check our events calendar for upcoming dates.

Perfect for Remodeling and New Construction

STEP Warmfloor is only 3/64” thick which makes it perfect for remodeling or new construction as it will not significantly increase the floor height.

Increase Profit and Customer Satisfaction

Adding heated floors to a home will increase your customer’s satisfaction with their living space, and will also increase the amount of commission you earn at the jobsite.

Get Listed as a Preferred Contractor

Attend a contractor’s training, and be listed as a preferred contractor on our website upon completion.

Technical Information Available

The technical specifications for STEP Warmfloor are all available upon request.

20-Year Limited Warranty

STEP Warmfloor comes with a warranty that is an industry best: 20 years. Find out more.

Extra Services

Free Design Services

Our knowledgeable product representatives will provide you with a free consultation about your project, and will create a custom layout for you that includes installation instructions and a layout diagram.

Earn LEED Credits

Through Electroplastics, the manufacturer of STEP Warmfloor, watch a 60-minute video and earn LEED credits.