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STEP Warmfloor Roof Melt

Roof melt solutions for under shingles

The STEP Roof De-icing product is ideal for new construction and re-roofing projects, as it is installed under the shingles for a professional, clean look. STEP Roof De-icing is made up of a very energy efficient element that has a mylar coating to work directly under metal valleys or roofs. The system operates on 24V, AC or DC, and is lightweight and flexible.

STEP Roof De-icing Features:

  • Element can be nailed through, without damage
  • Low voltage (120 volts) element
  • Self-regulating technology saves energy
  • Can be used with most roofing materials, including steel roofs
  • Operates at 13 watts per foot when 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside
  • Element is 12 inches wide and 3/32 inches thick
  • Element can be cut to the needed size, with a maximum length of 17 feet per panel
  • Durable materials provide excellent moisture, corrosion and impact protection
  • Can be operated by a moisture sensor or thermostatic control

The mat is easy to install under the shingles of the roof's valleys and gutters. It is so durable that it can be nailed or stapled directly to the roof.

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