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DanFoss Cable Underfloor Heating

Our electric cable underfloor heating system, manufactured by DanFoss, is one of the most reliable and energy-efficient cable heating systems on the market today.

Perfect for tile, concrete or stone applications, the DanFoss system will make your home feel like a warm oasis from the cold outdoors.

danfoss heating cable system

About the DanFoss system:

Flexible Installation

  • The system is comprised of a thin (1/8") heating cable that is woven onto a self-adhesive mat for easy installation.
  • The DanFoss system operates on either 120V or 240V power, depending on the length of cable needed.

Because it features an easily customizable self-adhesive mat, the DanFoss product is designed for do-it-yourself installation . Many homeowners have opted to install the product themselves. also works with many contractors who can install underfloor heating products for you.


  • Safety approved for wet locations, such as bathrooms.
  • Uses GFCI protected thermostats.


  • Because DanFoss is backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty, you will feel secure knowing that the system is reliable.
  • Contains a durable heating cable that has passed rigorous testing by outside agencies.

Healthy Heating

Radiant underfloor heating is widely regarded as a healthy and natural heating process . Unlike forced air heating systems, underfloor heating does not circulate dust and allergens because it doesn't move hot air around your home. This is a huge benefit for individuals with allergies.


We can provide a custom design for your home or project. Contact us today for more information.