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Pricing of Underfloor Heating Systems

Save Money on Heating Your Home

Not only are you making an investment in your home and your family’s comfort, it is an investment that pays back for years to come through reduced maintenance costs and substantial savings on heating expenses over the life of the product. STEP Warmfloor is:

  • 2.5 times more efficient than electric heating cables
  • 2 times more efficient than hydronic systems
  • Extremely reliable, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty
Room size Good Standard
40 sq ft $ 15 $19
100 sq ft $ 38 $ 47
250 sq ft $ 95 $ 119
Assumptions: Using an electricity price of 10 cents per kWh, with a system operating 24 hours a day for 183 days (average heating season), with a thermostat.

Free Detailed Plan offers free consultation and design services. From your initial phone call with a product representative, to the design phase and the final plans and wiring diagrams, you will not pay anything for these services. We will take your room design and create a custom kit and bid, specifically for your project. You will receive:

  • Expert advice from a knowledgeable product representative
  • Free wiring diagram with installation manual
  • Free support via phone with any purchase via phone and email