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Year-round uses for your STEP Warmfloor underfloor heating system

 Learn about  the versatility and multiple uses of STEP Warmfloor. 

When we start thinking of installing a radiant underfloor heating system, whether for primary heat or secondary comfort heat, we’re usually thinking of the long, cold winter ahead. But there are multiple uses for an underfloor heating system all year round.  

STEP Warmfloor can keep your home dry, as well as warm and comfortable. During the summer months, in applications such as tile and concrete, the surfaces tend to get damp or even wet when humidity increases in our homes, especially in basements. The warm moist air comes into contact with the cool floor and condenses. By heating the floor only a little, we can eliminate that cool surface for moisture to condense upon. 

Saunas and bathrooms are another great example of year-round use, as the floors are often wet from bathing or showering. 

Or what about a foyer? In the winter, we all pile in from the cold and stomp our feet off. But the next morning we tip-toe around melting snow. Having an underfloor radiant heating system in these areas allows us to dry the floors in a hurry. 

These are just a few ideas we can use to get the most out of our STEP Warmfloor underfloor heating system year-round. And with the self-regulating technology of the product, it’s assured we have an effective, energy-efficient product working for us for a very long time.

STEP Warmfloor is a versatile underfloor heating system that has year-round uses.