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Radiant floor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. There is an initial investment for materials, but the cost to operate is low and the comfort is superior to other heating types. The STEP Warmfloor product is the most efficient of all radiant underfloor heating types, for a number of reasons: The STEP Warmfloor heating element is perfect for warming your floors

1. Heat is distributed evenly When installed, the 12" wide heating elements cover over 60 percent of the floor, thereby evenly warming the floor with a lower temperature.

2. The heating elements act like a floor sensor The STEP Warmfloor underfloor radiant heating element is self-regulating, which technically means that when the ambient temperature increases, the electrical resistance increases, and the amount of electricity used decreases.

3. Installation happens directly under the floor covering The STEP Warmfloor low voltage heating system can be placed closer to the floor surface than any other heating system, because there is no worry about it overheating and damaging the flooring. The element also has a thin profile that’s 3/64 of an inch, so it doesn’t raise your floor much at all.

4. The heating elements run at a low, even temperature Instead of turning on and off constantly like a forced air system which heats and then turns completely off, the STEP Warmfloor heating elements run at low, even temperatures to maintain efficiency.

5. Only spend the money to heat where and when you want With the optional STEP Warmfloor thermostat, you can individually zone your rooms and adjust the temperature to your specific preferences for each room.

6. The heat is maintained where it is needed - at the floor Radiant underfloor heating keeps you more comfortable (even at a lower temperature setting) because when your feet are warm, you feel warmer. The items that sit on the floor (couch, chair, etc.) are also warm, so you feel warm sitting on them.

For these six reasons, heating with underfloor radiant heat, specifically STEP Warmfloor, is a smart choice for comfortable and healthy heating. To calculate your operating costs and size of room, visit the manufacturer’s calculator web page . Or, contact a representative online or by phone at (800) 785-8738, who would be happy to discuss the details.

Underfloor heating evenly distributes heat for a better room temperature