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When wiring your STEP Warmfloor heating system, it is ideal to use a fail-safe method to ensure optimal system function over the years, regardless of home improvements or renovations.

Fail-safe wiring is utilized to minimize the risk of cutting or damaging the low-voltage system. This method of wiring, described below, is recommended when the STEP Warmfloor heating element is not embedded into concrete, mortar or self-leveling compound, but is instead installed directly beneath your floor or carpet.

Let’s look at the wiring method a little closer. The picture below depicts four heating elements connected to a terminal block. If you follow one of the black wires, you will notice that the adjacent heating element is connected with a black wire on the opposite end of the element. If a nail punctures or severs one of the bus braids the system will continue to operate without problem because there is a return path to power the element from the other direction. The same holds true for the neutral wires represented in gray lines. This means your STEP Warmfloor will maintain its use and functionality, because of the fail-safe wiring.

We suggest you inform your contractor about your STEP Warmfloor system before remodeling or making any additions to your home, so they can take precautions to ensure that it continues to operate normally during and after installation. For more information about STEP Warmfloor systems, and electric radiant floor heating, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit’s underfloor heating product information page .

Fail-safe wiring for underfloor heating