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You may be wondering what STEP Warmfloor looks like during the process of installation. Recently we had an employee put the product in their basement, and she let us take pictures of the process. Shown below is a shortened version of the guide to installing STEP Warmfloor.

Step 1: Lay out your heating element

Your representative will put together a system specifically designed for your project. As part of this system, you will have a diagram to show exactly how to lay out the heating element in the room you are heating. Follow the layout the diagram shows.

STEP Warmfloor

STEP Warmfloor

This picture above shows rolls of element ready to be laid out in strips across the floor.

Step 2: Secure the element

The element can be secured with staples, nails or screws (every 2 feet), hot melt glue (use quarter size glue spots every 2 feet), thin set or self-leveler. Avoid glues and adhesives, other than hot melt glue, when securing the product.

STEP Warmfloor

This picture above shows an adhesive being put on the floor.

STEP Warmfloor

This picture above shows the strips of element being attached to the grove in the floor.

Step 3: Connect the element strips

Shown below are the connected element strips. These wires all run to the transformer. (See our full “how-to” guide for greater detail.)

This picture above shows how all elements are connected together.

Step 4: Install the transformer/power supply

The transformer should be installed as close to the heating element as possible, while avoiding areas of poor ventilation (such as a small bathroom cabinet). The transformer should be mounted in an upright, vertical position (with load wires routing from the bottom panel). Once mounted, wire the transformer according to your application and apply power.

Please note that a certified electrician needs to measure the amperage for each heating element BEFORE being covered with flooring.

Step 5: Cover with desired floor covering.

The picture above shows the element being covered with thinset. Thinset is put down and the tile is then installed on top.

Temperature control options: offers three temperature control options with its low voltage underfloor heating products:

  • A non-programmable thermostat

To start your project, contact us today via phone at (800) 785-8738, or via our information request form.