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What are customers saying about electric underfloor heat?

heated tile floor

I always like to hear from customers after they have had a chance to experience the comfort of our radiant floor heating products.

Oftentimes we talk with customers at various trade shows we attend throughout the year. They often comment how comfortable their room is now that they installed our radiant floor heating products.

One of the things we also hear from past customers is their surprise over the low maintenance with our radiant floor heating products. This is one of the biggest selling points of an electric underfloor heat system: there is no maintenance whatsoever.

There is a great deal of peace of mind knowing the STEP Warmfloor system is going to be maintenance free . I handle service calls for this product and it is rare that I receive a call from a contractor or customer that needs help in solving service issues with STEP Warmfloor. Even if there is an issue it is easy to solve in comparison to other heating systems.

- this comment is one I hear the most from customers and contractors. Basically if you know how to use handtools then you can install the STEP Warmfloor system. designs each STEP Warmfloor system to make the installation easy. Each quote provides a diagram showing how to lay out the heating element, along with a complete wiring diagram to guide you through the installation process. Most homeowners do not feel intimidated when installing the STEP Warmfloor heating element as it operates on low voltage power of just 24 volts AC.

“Is this the product I heard you can drive a nail or staple through?” - I always like hearing this comment from people who are interested in installing STEP Warmfloor for the first time. This feature makes the STEP Warmfloor product unique. There aren’t many other products with an electric power source that you can actually drive a nail or staple through without it affecting its performance. The secret to the STEP Warmfloor heating element is the carbon black that is embedded into the thin polymer. There is no filament in the element that can lead to overheating and premature failure.

Last but certainly not least is this statement: “Your product STEP Warmfloor, is more expensive then the cable heating systems that can heat the tile in my bathroom”. When comparing STEP Warmfloor to a low-priced cable heating products found in big box stores, this statement is not far off the mark. But, I am sure you have heard the following statement, “you get what you paid for”. It’s important to point out that the STEP Warmfloor product is 2.5 times more efficient than these lower-priced competitors. This translates into lower electric bills. STEP Warmfloor systems will provide a payback in energy savings in approximately 2-4 years. Eve though you pay more on the front end, STEP Warmfloor elements operate at 7.8 watts /square foot compared to cables at 12 watts a square foot.

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