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Using radiant-floor heating in a workshop

A workshop can be defined as a place where a craftsman or artisan performs their work. I think the term should be changed to something like “Man Utopia.” If you are like me, you can appreciate being able to escape to Man Utopia from time to time to unwind from a long work day or perhaps entertain the buddies over some barley pops. These places of escape for the modern man are not a nicety, they are a necessity!

I think of Man Utopia as an extension of the home. If you have a disagreement with the head of the household, you can always escape to your heated oasis – think giant dog house! (I’m sure many of you men out there know what I mean about being in the dog house!) The heated workshop gives you a place to get away and work on some projects or watch the game while soothing your wounds.

Sure, you can put a space heater in the corner of the shop and have it blow stale, dry air at you, but until you experience the comfort of a radiant-floor heating system in your personal man land, well you’re just wasting time, energy and comfort while you’re there.

The benefits of a radiant-floor heating system go far beyond comfort. They are more efficient than forced air systems, helping you to save energy and money. Radiant heating also heats objects in the room, which in turn heat the space, unlike forced air, gas or electric heater that just blow hot air around.

Additionally, you will lose most of the heat generated from the garage heater once you open the overhead garage door. A radiant heating system will retain this heat and prevent you from feeling the cold effect of a garage door opening and closing. The concrete slab will store the heat energy and transfer the heat to the cooler objects in the room such as a vehicle, cabinet or equipment. Because radiant heat systems do not use air as a heat medium, they lose very little heat energy when garage doors are open.

So if you (or a friend) are thinking about building a Man Utopia space, make sure you install radiant floor heating. As I see it, if you are going to be in trouble with your wife, you might as well be comfortable!