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This is an easy blog to write. My ideal home would have radiant heating throughout the ENTIRE space! Next blog assignment, please!

When my wife and I built our home back in 1999, we were concerned about the amount of money we were going to spend on some energy efficient features in the home, including our home heating system. We certainly wanted to be able to make our monthly mortgage payments, but at the same time, we wanted our home to be comfortable. I insisted on installing geothermal heating along with a hydronic underfloor radiant heating system in the lower level, because the benefits of these systems go beyond comfort and energy savings; they also have lower maintenance costs. We also decided take advantage of lower electric rates by putting these electric systems on an off-peak program to further lower monthly energy expenses.

For many years, I have worked with customers in the process of building their dream homes. I consulted with them about using the most efficient and comfortable home heating system and cooling system that fit their budgets, as they’ll save energy and money in the long run. It’s quite common to hear these customers talk about how they’re willing to spend a little extra on the aesthetic features they want in their home, but cut back when it comes to planning for comfort and energy savings that a good home heating system and cooling system provide. I’m sure many of these same customers were disappointed with the comfort levels provided by their forced air furnaces and even more disappointed with their cold basements after they moved in.

However, because we invested in our comfort, our family is completely satisfied with our home’s lower-level family room. In fact, we are much more comfortable in our basement than we are on the main level of the home, which is heated with forced air geothermal.

When we experienced our first heating season in our unfinished family room, we instantly regretted not continuing our radiant floor home heating system that was in our basement throughout the entire home. This is what I have referred to in other blogs as the “couldda, wouldda, shouldda” syndrome. I imagine others have felt the same as we do. However, there are many other families who built a new home and did not invest in the comfort features of underfloor radiant heating at all. These same families most likely are not fully utilizing all areas of their home as they are simply too uncomfortable to be enjoyed with forced air heating systems alone. They have the syndrome as well and are continuing to just get by with lower expectations of comfort.

We’ve caught the home improvement bug in our house a couple of times throughout the 13 years we have lived there. I wrote a blog last year about upgrading our master bathroom with tile and underfloor radiant heating using the STEP Warmfloor product. We are completely satisfied with our new warm, luxurious tiled floors.

So let me go back to my dream of an ideal home. I would start out with two split air conditioning systems to cool the home in the summer. I believe installing duct work for a forced air heating or cooling system is a waste of space. Also the duct work becomes a safe haven for air borne particles that re-circulate again and again that complicate allergies.

Knowing what I know now, there is no question in my mind that I would install a STEP Warmfloor home heating system throughout every area of my ideal home. The basement level would have STEP Warmfloor installed in the concrete slab. The upper levels would have the product installed beneath whatever floor covering we choose. I’d even put it beneath the concrete slab in the garage. Hey, every man has to have a “man land” to go to!

I would choose the STEP Warmfloor system because I have seen the measured results in energy savings in our customer’s homes as well as commercial buildings. In fact, we’ve metered the energy consumption of a 1200 square foot basement in a home here in Minnesota for the last two years. The STEP Warmfloor seasonal heating costs of this area were $325 in 2010 and $275 in 2011. The homeowner is ecstatic about the comfort level in what was once a chilly basement. They also are very pleased with the lower energy costs that the system provides.

Although my present geothermal and radiant-floor home heating system requires little maintenance, the STEP Warmfloor product would require no maintenance – zip, zero, notta. This all sounds good as I would plan on retiring in this ideal home. That will give me more time to hunt and fish! I like where this is ideal home dream is going. Please don’t wake me up quite yet!

Hmmm… what else do I want in my ideal home? I also like features like tile flooring and cabinets and…What? Wait a minute! I didn’t know I had a time limit for writing this! Hey! Don’t shut off my computer! There are so many more –