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There are a variety of reasons to install a radiant floor heating system in your home. Radiant flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing (because you can’t see it), but it is also a highly efficient way to heat your home, increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Here are the top ten reasons why I believe homeowners should install a radiant floor heating system:

10. Resale value: Radiant floor heating systems add value to homes and they offset the installation costs. I often review the “Home For Sale” section of my local newspaper and find that many realtors list radiant flooring as a key selling point of the home. If radiant heating is listed then most likely it is a feature in the home that potential buyers are looking for!

9. Sizing: Radiant floor heating systems can meet any size requirement, no matter how many square feet a room is.

8. Do-it-yourself (DIY): Radiant floor heating systems are easy to install for the weekend warrior.

7. Invisible heat delivery: Radiant heating systems are virtually undetectable. There is no unsightly ductwork or air registers that may take away the aesthetic value of the home.

6. Quiet operation: Radiant flooring operates quietly. There is no sound of air racing through ductwork causing the whistling or thundering sounds that occur when a forced air system shuts off.

5. All types of flooring: Years ago one would not think about installing radiant flooring underneath hardwood floors. Today, you can choose from hardwood floors or a variety of other floor coverings.

4. Indoor Air Quality: Radiant heating systems improve air quality as there is no forced air stirring up dust allergens.

3. Zoned Heating: Radiant heating creates zoned heating, which means there is comfort in the specific living areas where you need it in, reducing heating costs.

2. Lower heating costs: On average, a radiant floor heating system will save between 10 to 20% in heating costs over forced air heating systems. It is far less expensive to emit heat from a slab than it is to try heat forced air when a home requires bringing in fresh, cold air.

1. Comfort: The number one reason to install a radiant heating system is comfort . No other heat delivery system can surpass the comfort of radiant heating.

radiant floor heating

For more information about radiant heating systems, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit our underfloor heating product information page.