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Amateurs guess, but professionals do the math when it comes to properly sizing an underfloor radiant heating system for your home. The amateur contractor will put in the same size heating system as they did for the last home. In fact, the last home they worked on was just about the same size as your home. So why would the heating system not work for your home?

If you have a sizing a radiant underfloor heating system heating contractor who purely designs your heating system based on what they installed at the last home then surely it will work in your new home, right? This is incorrect. Many heating contractors are not taking the time to perform a heat loss calculation and perhaps are not aware of how to go about calculating for one. As a result, they end up oversizing the heating system which in turn adds more up front dollars to the cost of the heating system. Not only will this result in unnecessarily paying for the oversized equipment, but you may also have a heating system that short cycles due to being oversized.

The opposite is true as well. If your home needs a much larger heating system, a professional heating contractor will do the math and order the heating system that best matches up with the heat loss of your home. What is a heat loss calculation? Basically, a heat loss calculation takes many factors into account. First, it consists of the area of the country you live in and how many heating degree days (HDD) are needed for heating. This is important, as the HDD will vary greatly from northern Minnesota to St. Louis, Missouri. The HDD is easily found as the number is based on historical weather data for the area of the country you live in. The next biggest factor is calculating the air infiltration rate. Air will always try to enter into the home, through the many cracks. The heat loss calculation will also take into account the size or square footage of the home along with the square footage of windows.

Having a contractor size your heating system and perform a heat loss calculation is not difficult; in fact it is quite simple. To make sure you are working with a thorough contractor, ask them if they have done a heat loss calculation for your home. To learn more about, contact us at (800) 785-8738, or fill out this web request and we will contact you shortly.