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Want to install roof melt products from yourself? We've got you covered |

In the Midwest, ice dams can be a major menace to our homes.   At We have two solid options for preventing and eliminating ice dam issues: one is DanFoss, which can be placed on top of shingles, and the other is STEP Warmfloor Roof De-icing, which goes right under the shingles.

Both DanFoss and STEP Warmfloor Roof De-icing are great options for your home and both have many features (links to roof melt page). When it comes to installing our roof melt products, both are quite simple and user-friendly, but we’re going to take a closer look at a STEP Roof Melt installation.   

  1. Heating elements should be placed on top of the ice and water shield. Placement between the felt and waterproofing underlayment is also acceptable if there is sufficient insulation below.
  2. Roll the element out, and cut the length according to the layout.
  3. The element can be attached to the roof by nailing or screwing at least 1 inch from the edge of the element using galvanized steel roof products. Do not penetrate the bus braids located on each side. Should this occur, cut the element, splice it and seal it properly.
  4. Connect the extension wires to the heating element according to the drawing and electrical diagram.
  5. Route the wires flat on the roof and down through your home in a conduit.
  6. To be efficient, the heating elements have to be in direct contact with the roofing material. If necessary, fill the gaps with the approved heat retainer pad.
  7. When nailing through the metal sheet or other roofing materials, mark the position of the heating elements to avoid damaging the bus braids. 

Once installed, be sure to test and make sure the system is operating properly. For a complete installation manual or questions regarding the ins and outs, please don’t hesitate to call us at (763) 477-3665, or email