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STEP Warmfloor has introduced a new thermostat that works with radiant floor heating systems from The thermostat is manufactured by Electro Plastics and at first glance, it looks very similar to an iPhone, due to the clear acrylic surface and smooth contemporary design.

Rather than relying on thermostats made by other manufacturers, Electro Plastics created their own unique thermostat. The “wall gem” not only provides precise temperature control to optimize comfort, but it is also capable of reading outdoor temperatures. Another benefit is that it is easy to use with your radiant floor heating system. Other thermostats typically have a variety of buttons, but the newly designed STEP Warmfloor thermostat only has two buttons! It is very easy to operate.

STEP Warmfloor thermostat

Here are additional features:

  • Has touch sensor controlInterfaces with smart home systems
  • Dimmable LED display
  • Uses no batteries
  • Interfaces with external temperature sensor
  • Temperature memory
  • Green friendly low power design.
  • Easy to wire (3 wire)

For more information on STEPWarmfloor and radiant floor heating systems, visit our radiant heat page.