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STEP Warmfloor versus electric cable systems for underfloor heating

Find out the differences between STEP Warmfloor and electric cable systems for underfloor heating. 

You may be wondering which type of electric underfloor heating system is right for you. In this blog, I’ll point out some of the differences between the STEP Warmfloor system, and those that use electric cables. 

STEP Warmfloor
STEP Warmfloor is an electric underfloor heating system designed to meet the demands for human comfort and energy efficiency. It’s great for primary or supplemental heat and works well for new construction and remodeling projects. 

Great for the do-it-yourselfer or those who want to hire a contractor, STEP Warmfloor is a self-regulating heating element, which means it is 2 ½ times more efficient than other cable systems. STEP Warmfloor operates on low voltage (24 Volts) and does not require a ground fault interrupter (GFI). The system can even be combined and powered with solar panels!

STEP Warmfloor is so versatile that works under carpet, wood, tile, vinyl or concrete. Yes, I said under carpet and wood floors! The flooring can be placed directly over the element, and it boasts a zero failure rate as long as it is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Electric cable systems
Electric cable systems are usually used as supplemental heat and not primary heat applications. Similar to STEP Warmfloor, you can choose to install this type of system yourself or hire a contractor, and it can also be used in new construction or remodeling projects.

However, electric cable systems are predominantly used with tile floors. When paired with other floor coverings, the cable may get too hot and cause premature failure. Most cable manufacturers suggest the cable be embedded underneath a self-leveling concrete. This will help dissipate the heat away from the cable and ensure longevity of the cable.

Another flaw of electric cable systems is that they tend to be higher in energy usage. Since the systems utilize a higher wattage cable it consumes more energy. And unlike STEP Warmfloor, these systems require a GFI. 

If you have any questions on which electric underfloor heating system is right for you, please contact us at or (800)785-8738.

STEP Warmfloor is versatile and works with any floor covering.