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STEP Warmfloor solution for commercial office buildings

STEP Warmfloor isn't just for homeowners. Use it to stabilize the temperature of your commercial office space!

The award-winning STEP Warmfloor product is not only applicable in new construction or remodeling projects, it is perfectly suited for commercial buildings. One commercial example where this energy efficient product can be utilized is perimeter heating. 

Surveys have shown that the most common complaint from workers is office temperature and lack of comfort. So why are we constantly hearing the same message from the employees? Because we keep designing and building HVAC systems the same way over and over without concern for comfort needs. Office buildings today are designed to be built to meet codes but certainly not to exceed them. It’s almost like saying, “If we always do what we’ve always done, then we always get what we always got.” 

Below is an example of a commercial building that has a tremendous amount of exterior glass and vast open areas. The employees of this business surely are experiencing discomfort as the buildings HVAC systems simply can’t provide the workers comfort with forced air blown in from the ceiling. One pragmatic solution to increase comfort conditions in this type of application is to pull up the exterior commercial carpet and install the STEP Warmfloor heating element along the perimeter offices. Since the element is only 3/64” in thickness, there will be no cause for concern on any transitions to non-floor heating areas. Furthermore, workers’ comfort is increased since each office will have its own thermostat controls to set the level of comfort. No longer do the workers rely on the central heating systems inefficient means of trying to deliver heat to these hard-to-heat perimeter offices.

STEP Warm Floor provides this commercial application with: 

  • Increased comfort that will increase worker productivity
  • A healthier environment with less dust and allergens
  • Energy efficiency and reliability
  • Easy-installation retrofit
  • Zone control by each office independent from central HVAC system

As you can see, STEP Warmfloor is perfect for heating various spaces – including commercial offices. offers free consultation and design services. Get started on your project today and increase the comfortability and overall environment of your commercial office today! 

A blue print/layout of a commercial office building showing STEP Warmfloor installation outlining the building.