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Underfloor radiant heating products have a variety of benefits. The STEP Warmfloor heating element is particularly beneficial, as it is an energy-efficient, low voltage heating element that is effective in heating tile and wood areas. It can also be used under an assortment of flooring types such as carpet and laminate.

The STEP Warmfloor element can also be used with endless types of project applications. I think I have seen or heard of most applications. However, I am sure that readers may have heard of even more application ideas. Here is a small sample of the applications and flooring types that STEP Warmfloor can be used with:

Tile floors Mirrors
Carpeted floors Granite counter tops
Wood floors Hospital beds
Vinyl floors House boats
Roof melting systems Kennels
Snow melting systems Warming batteries
Driveways Heads of ships (for deicing)
Pavers Decks of tug boats
Fish houses Commercial buildings
Dog houses Poultry applications
Green houses Piglet warmers
Gutters Pizza warmers
Shower benches Seat or bench warmers
RV's Automobile seat warmers
Walls Golf cart seat warmers
Between joists Veterinary applications
Spas Military jackets

For more information about underfloor radiant heating products and STEP Warmfloor, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit’s underfloor heating product information page.