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Relieve The Burden Of Shoveling With Snow-Melting Mats

It’s official. We are in the deep freeze here in Minnesota. As I write this on December 12, the thermometer is reading -12°F. There is about ten inches of snow on the ground and its starting to look like it’s going to be a long cold winter! During the winter months, many people face the fact that they will have to keep the snow cleared from their sidewalk or driveways, but with HeatTrak snow melting mats, shoveling can be a task of the past.

Heated walkway mats

HeatTrak snow melting mats will not only relieve you of the burden of clearing snow off walkways and stairs, but they make walking safe and slip-proof 24/7 throughout the winter. In addition, the mats eliminate the need for salt on their walkways, which prevents long lasting damaging effects on concrete and asphalt.

Each mat produces enough heat to melt two inches of snow per hour. The mats are made of a non-slip rubber material with durability of automobile tires and are made to be left outside during the full duration of winter. They are installed directly on top of the sidewalk or steps and can be secured to the sidewalk with grommets located at the end of each mat.

The sidewalk mats measure 20 inches wide and are 60 inches long whereas the stair mats are 10 inches wide and 30 inches long. For a typical 15 amp circuit you can easily cover approximately 30 feet of sidewalk. Imagine how easy it will be to get to the mailbox now!

HeatTrak snow melting mats are simply just plugged into a 120 volt AC receptacle located outside the home. For electrical safety, the designers incorporated a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) within the power unit. The mats are designed to simply interconnect with one another to cover portions of the steps or the sidewalk. It takes a push of a button from one controller to turn on the system.

You may be thinking, “Well my outside electrical receptacle is not located near my sidewalk. Now what do I do?” This is no problem. You can simply use an outdoor rated extension cord (15 amps) and extend it from the electrical outlet to the sidewalk area.

Another great aspect of the HeatTrak snow melting mats is that they especially provide elderly safety. They are ideal for senior citizens who are more prone to slips and falls, but also can be placed at homes, businesses or daycares.

For more information, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit our HeatTrak page.