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Improving Your Bathroom With an Underfloor Radiant Heating

It is finally starting to look like Spring. If you are like me, it couldn’t come quick enough. The winter here in Minnesota has been way too long. We are fast approaching the time of year when home improvement projects begin to surface in the minds of homeowners across the country. Many homeowners are looking to improve the look and comfort of their bathrooms. In fact, the Remodeling Magazine claims one of the “single best improvements in the home” is remodeling the bathroom.

If you have decided on tackling a bathroom makeover project with electric underfloor heating, then there are a few items you should be aware of when it comes to choosing the best radiant floor system. There are a plethora of electric cable products on the market today. With all the options out there, what systems can you trust to withstand test of time? It's important that you do your homework to narrow your search for reliable products with a warranty to match.

You should first pay attention to electric radiant floor heating cables that have a good warranty. I would stay clear of the floor heating cables that offer only a two-year warranty. There are a few manufacturers that offer 10-year to 25-year warranties. carries the Danfoss products because of their unique 10-year comprehensive warranty. If a repair is needed, the manufacturer will cover the expense to remove the piece of tile that is over the defective cable, as well as cover the expenses to repair the cable and re-install that piece of tile. Now that is peace of mind I can walk on!

It is extremely important to choose an electric radiant floor heating cable system that is certified with Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The internet allows shoppers to view many systems. However; if you purchase a system online from a foreign country, you may not be receiving a system that is deemed safe. Look for the coveted UL symbol on the packaging.

Quality thermostat control also is a must. Programmable thermostats are not necessary, but may be useful in lowering energy costs. However, energy savings will depend on how a person programed the thermostat is. For personal safety, it is also important to look at cable systems like Danfoss that have thermostats with built in Ground Fault Circuit Interruption (GFCI). If a ground fault occurs, the power to the floor heating system will be automatically disconnected, insuring safety. Always purchase the thermostat that the electric cable manufacturer suggests rather than trying to save money on cheaper thermostats. Furthermore, look for thermostats that have the ability retain to programming information in the event of a power outage.

Ease of installation is especially important if you are installing the system yourself. Although more expensive heat mat systems will save you time, they typically cost anywhere from $6 to $8 per square foot compared to single strand cable systems that run in the range of $3 to $4 per square foot. These types of radiant floor heating cables are installed on a mesh membrane with a self-adhesive backing. This greatly speeds up the installation process when compared to single strand cables.

Hopefully this gives you a little direction on choosing an underfloor electric heating system for your bathroom. We will cover the installation process for the Danfoss electric underfloor radiant heating system in future blogs. For more information, contact a representative at (763) 477-3665.