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Melt Your Troubles Away With Heat Trak Heated Walkway Mats

Are you looking for a way to prevent snow and ice accumulation on your sidewalks or stairs? Well, look no more! Now there are heated walkway mats that will make your life easier and safer would like to introduce our new line of snow melting product called Heat Trak. This is not your typical snow melting system that gets installed under the concrete. This system offers so much more in ways of convenience. The Heat Trak heated walkway mats are installed on top of the concrete sidewalk or steps! Heat Trak is a durable, safe and effective solution for melting snow and ice. In fact the Heat Trak system can melt two inches of snow per hour. The system comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty. Heat Trak Sidewalk Melting

Basically the Heat Trak system is comprised of a 120 volt electric heating mat that simply plugs into an outside electrical outlet. The sidewalk mats are 20 inches wide by 60 inches long. Not long enough for your sidewalk? No problem, the heated walkway mats are customizable. You can simply connect another sidewalk mat into the first one with the convenient water tight plug in that is integrated into each Heat Trak mat. In fact you can connect up to five sidewalk mats together. That’s a whopping 25 feet of sidewalk that will be snow free and safe!

Heat Trak is also capable of melting snow on stairs. The stair mats measure ten inches wide by 30 inches wide. Now you can easily connect the stair mats into the sidewalk mats to make keep snow and ice from accumulating all the way out to the mail box. The mats can be secured to the sidewalk or stairs with convenient 3/8 inch grommet holes where an appropriate screw can be used to secure to the concrete surface. What a perfect way to keep the stairs and sidewalk safe from potential slip hazards.

Concerned about energy usage? This is one of the features that attracted to the Heat Trak system. Heat Trak thought of this as well by offering an easy wireless remote control option to simply turn the system off without having to go outside and unplug it.

Need more convenience then a remote control? Heat Trak has that covered as well with an outdoor thermostat controller that automatically turns on the system. The mats will only consume about 15 cents per hour worth of electricity. That is a lot better than a sore back from shoveling. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about HeatTrak.