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Installing your STEP Warmfloor transformer

Before you start installing your STEP Warmfloor system, take note of these installation instructions for the transformer. 

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When you are planning and designing the installation of your STEP Warmfloor system, the transformer placement is an important piece of the equation. While you can place the transformer most anywhere, there are a few things to consider: 

  • The transformer must be installed indoors, as they are not weatherproof. 
  • They should be mounted in the upright position to let the heat dissipate easier from the transformer. DO NOT install in a confined space. The transformers need to be in a well-ventilated place so they do not overheat. 
  • It is good practice to install the transformer as close as possible to the heated floor system.
  • Follow the manufacturer instructions for installation as well as the National Electrical Code. 

Once you have determined a suitable location, you will want to find the easiest and shortest path to the electric panel and the heating elements. The heating elements are wired into the bottom of the transformer. The main electrical feed can be wired with either 120V AC or 240V AC power. Please specify your preferred voltage prior to ordering. The higher voltage is then wired to the L1, L2 and ground terminals within the transformer. 

Even though the STEP Warmfloor system is a self-regulating element and a thermostat is not needed, many people choose to add a thermostat to have some control over the temperature. Either way, the system will work beautifully. If you decide to go with the non-thermostat control, the element will heat to 82 or 84 degrees F, depending on which element is used. It will never overheat. 
Voltage drop is something that needs to be considered when thinking of the transformer placement. A heavier gauge wire may be needed for longer distances. Here at, we will provide wiring diagrams and a computer-assisted design (CAD) layout to ensure an installation that minimizes voltage drop. 

A little preplanning can make the installation of the STEP Warmfloor system much easier and less head-scratching. For more information on the STEP Warmfloor system, please call us at (800) 785-8738 or email us. We would be happy to help you plan and design a system to warm your floors.