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How to Plan Transformer Location for Your Heating System

When planning a Step Warmfloor radiating heating system, many contractors or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installers will begin by installing the STEP Warmfloor heating element first. This is not the best approach because it could present a potential problem. The low voltage wires need to be wired back to the transformer, which can have more placement restrictions. So, the first step is to evaluate the best placement of the low voltage transformer. Here are tips and guidelines for placing the STEP Warmfloor transformer:

  • Install the transformer in locations that are in close proximity to the STEP Warmfloor heating element. This will minimize the voltage drop and ensure that adequate power is reaching the heating elements. If there are no locations close to the heating elements, use a wire that is larger in size to minimize voltage drop.
  • Consider the easiest path to run the secondary low voltage wires back to the transformer and keep the wires as short as possible.
  • Transformers can be placed in utility rooms, closets, attics or under the floor.
  • Install the transformer in areas where the primary voltages of either 120 or 240 VAC can be easily wired from a nearby electrical panel.
  • The STEP Warmfloor transformer should not be located outside, as the enclosure is not weatherproof.
  • It is very important to mount the transformer is a vertical positon. This prolongs the life of the device so that heat can easily dissipate away from it.
  • Mount the transformer in accordance to the National Electric Code.

If you follow the guideline above, it will make the installation of the STEP Warmfloor radiant heating system very smooth and prevent unexpected surprises or consequences. For more information about STEP Warmfloor heating elements or radiant heating options, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit our underfloor radiant heat page.