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How to Plan and Lay Out the Low Voltage Wires for Your STEP Warmfloor System

The STEP Warmfloor system is one of the easiest electric radiant floor heating systems to install. However, installing the low voltage wires may cause some confusion. To help you better understand, I will walk you through the process of laying out the wires.

For each of the STEP Warmfloor heating elements, there are two low voltage wires that run on each side of the element. The black wires are 24 volts and the white wire represents the normal system wiring.

When installing your electric radiant floor heating system, you will want to pay special attention to the wiring process. As you can see from photo A, one example has 11 STEP Warmfloor heating elements that all require wiring. In this example, the elements are wired in parallel. This means that two of the elements are connected together. This translates into a total of 22 wires made up of 11 black and 11 white wires. You may be wondering, “What do I do with all those wires?”

Photo A:

STEP Warmfloor heating elements

Photo B:

STEP Warmfloor heating elements

The best way to start wiring your electric radiant floor heating system is to start at the element that is furthest from the transformer. This way, as you start laying down the wires on the floor, you won’t have to worry about placing adjacent wires on top of one another (see photo B). Follow this method until you wire in the last heating element. The last heating element will be the closest element to the transformer. The two photos above depict an excellent installation of the low voltage wires running from the heating elements to the transformer located in an adjacent room.

It is important to notice how the black and white wires are placed neatly next to one another without overlapping. This is beneficial because if the floor is covered with carpeting, there will be very little height buildup from the wires.

You will also notice that each element is evenly spaced to eliminate cold spots on the floor. This floor eventually had poured over with self-leveling cement poured over it and was finished with a tile floor covering.

For more information about STEP Warmfloor systems, and underfloor radiant heating, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit’s undefloor heating product information page.