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Get The Most Out of Your Step Warmfloor System

When installing a STEP Warmfloor system, it is important to make sure the system has adequate power and enough voltage. Voltage drop is the amount of voltage loss occurring through the circuit. The easiest way to avoid voltage drop is to place the low-voltage power supply closer to the application where the STEP Warmfloor heating elements will be installed. This will ensure that each of the elements has the necessary power required to provide heating.

Before you begin laying out the STEP Warmfloor heating elements on the floor, first look for the area where the low-voltage power supply will be mounted. Take into account that the secondary wires need to lead from the elements to the power supply. Sometimes the total length necessary to work around obstacles can lead to longer wiring lengths.

Getting the most out of underfloor heating

Always review your STEP Warmfloor heating system design worksheets that are included with your purchase. This will provide an excellent guide for properly wiring your STEP Warmfloor heating system to minimize voltage drop issues. Be sure to inform your sales repr

esentative of any changes that you have with your system. They can explain, offer advice or re-design the system to avoid voltage drop issues, and ensure you have a properly wired STEP Warmfloor heating system. For more information about STEP Warmfloor heating systems, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit’s underfloor heating product information page.