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How to Heat A Granite Countertop Using STEP Warmfloor

Did you know that granite is an inherently cold surface? If you already have granite countertops or a granite kitchen island, you may already know that it is uncomfortable to rest your arms on the cold surface. To heat your granite counterop, provides an application utilizing the STEP Warmfloor product underneath slabs of granite.

You may be wondering how this process works. Refer to the image below as you read the steps:

heating a granite countertop

Like any new radiant floor heating application, we first need to be concerned with downward heat loss. More than likely the granite fabricator will create a template out of a ¾ inch piece of plywood and secure this down on top of the base cabinets. The plywood has thermal characteristics to prevent downward heat loss once the heating element is energized. The fabricator normally would also install a ½ inch underlayment to the top of the ¾ inch plywood. This underlayment would serve the purpose of bonding the heavy granite slab to the top of the base.

Prior to the installation of the granite slab the installer should place the low voltage STEP Warmfloor heating element. The STEP warmfloor elements are spaced approximately two inches apart from each other and are normally placed near the outside edges where a person’s arms would rest on the counter top. The wires then bring the safe, low voltage power to the heating elements, which are simply wired to a low voltage transformer that provides its power. The location of the transformer can be directly underneath the island or located in another area of the home that is within reasonable proximity to the kitchen island. Since the heating element is self-regulating and will reach temperatures over 82 degrees Fahrenheit, a thermostat is not necessary. Simply flip a switch on to energize the heating elements in advance of using the kitchen island.

Last, the granite slab is secured to the top of the components with the use of thin set mortar. This will help bond the granite slab to the base cabinets and prevent movement.

For more information on how to heat a granite countertop using STEP Warmfloor, call a representative at (800) 785-8738, or contact us via the web.