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The average garage can serve as both a storage spot and a workshop area for home improvement projects. Unfortunately, it is often too cold in the winter months and cannot be used for working on projects. Your vehicle is another reason to keep the garage warm as going from cold to warm may cause condensation, which could cause rust on your vehicle. During the winter, many individuals look for information on how to heat a garage.

Luckily, Berko heaters can help make your garage more comfortable when the temperatures drop. Berko heaters are economical and provide a quick solution to a cold garage. If you have a garage that is insulated, now is the time to look at heating with one of the Berko heaters. These energy-efficient electric heaters are perfectly suited to heat up all garage sizes, up to a three-stall garage.

Electric garage heater

The heaters are available in 5000 watts (5kW) and 7500 watts (7.5kW). The 5kW heater is typically for a three-stall garage, while the 7.5kW heater will heat a three-stall garage. If the space is larger, than a combination of the heaters may be required.

The heaters feature a heat selector switch to adjust the amount of heat they produce. A convenient built in thermostat allows for easy comfort control. In additional, Berko heaters are equipped with a bracket to allow for either ceiling or wall mounting. Because they are lightweight, the heaters are easy to install. Safety features are also built in.

Finally, the Berko heaters are powered by 240-Volt AC. An optional plug in cord can be purchased separately for the 5kW heater. The larger 7.5kW heater must be wired directly from electric service panel.

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