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Step Warmfloor Can Be Used With Off-The-Grid Heating

There is certainly a buzz regarding the solar industry. Solar panels are continuing to grow in popularity as new designs emerge and the cost of the panels drop. This new trend is catching the eyes of homeowners who are looking into offsetting their energy costs.

solar radiant floor heating So, how do you combine solar power with electric radiant floor heating systems? Solar power is designed to have an approximate voltage output of 24 volt DC. However, all grid-enabled power systems are designed to work with 120/240 volt DC. Not necessarily a great match, but close. The problem comes with converting the DC power into usable AC power by installing an inverter. This adds additional costs and leaves room for power loss in transforming the power into AC volts.

One of the many applications in using photovoltaic solar panels is to partner them with our STEP Warmfloor electric radiant floor heating systems . STEP Warmfloor is a low-voltage heating mat product that is very energy efficient because it is self-regulating. The STEP Warmfloor heating element can be designed to heat the entire home with just 24 volt DC power from photovoltaic solar panels! Think of the possibilities of providing solar power to heat a remote building that far outweighs the expense of stringing electric lines or trenching underground lines to a building in the middle of nowhere!

Why aren’t there more photovoltaic applications utilizing this heating method to offset energy use and get the efficiency from these solar panels? First, past costs of photovoltaic solar panels made them cost prohibitive as consumers did not think the investment would pay off in off-set energy savings. Basically, it was less expensive to buy power from your electrical provider than put up solar panels. However, this is now changing as the price of solar panels continues to drop. Second, the products that utilize solar energy were not developed as there simply was no market to purchase them. Manufacturers were not going to invest millions in product development unless the solar panels were viable on a consumer’s pocketbook! Now the tipping point here is where manufacturers need to react quickly as this solar surge is about to REALLY hit the American market.

Solar power appears to be here to stay with or without rebates from the federal government. As we wait for these products to come into the mainstream, the application of utilizing solar panels and STEP Warmfloor represents what can be done now to achieve total energy independence and provide heating for your home.

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