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How solar panels can power STEP Warmfloor

Solar thermal heating has The roof of a home covered with solar panels. been in development for several years in the U.S. with many home applications. These solar thermal applications utilize water and an antifreeze solution that run out to the solar collector to heat up the fluid and then circulated back into the home and delivered through PEX piping for radiant floor heating applications. What if we take the next step and utilize the energy directly from the sun?

Rather than using water as a medium to hold the heat, we can couple the solar panels’ 24-volt DC output directly into a state-of-the-art low voltage heating system called STEP Warmfloor available from Now you have the best of both worlds with a low-cost, energy-producing solar panel and the comfort of a radiant floor heating system capable of providing the entire home’s heating needs. 

STEP Warmfloor is self-regulating and requiresThe STEP Warmfloor element rolled out across a wooden subfloor. less energy to operate than other outdated technologies with a fixed resistance. That means fewer solar panels are needed for this type of setup than with other floor heating systems. 

Utilizing solar panels and STEP Warmfloor demonstrates what you can do with today’s technology to achieve energy independence and provide high efficiency heating for your home. You can even achieve net zero! 

This type of system is perfect for smaller homes, but can be utilized for multiple dwellings or recreation vehicles. Contact today for more information on STEP Warmfloor and its versatility!