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Electric Radiant Heating Projects Complete Ordinary Rooms

The cold winter months are just around the corner. With that being said, it is the perfect time to learn more about how electric radiant heat can improve an ordinary room in your home. STEP Warmfloor can help transform any room into a cozy living space. To give you a better visual understanding, I have put together two examples. In the future, I will show you additional room examples in other blogs, but for now let’s take a look of two basic remodeled rooms. The first one is with hardwood flooring and the second is with carpet.

Radiant floor heat in a remodeled room with hardwood flooring:

The photos below show a room that has incorporated electric underfloor heating under an oak hardwood floor . There are a few key points in the design of this heating system.

Unlike other electric cable radiant floor heating systems, STEP Warmfloor can have heavy objects sit right on top of the thin, but durable heating elements without concern of damaging the system.

After STEP Warmfloor is stapled to the subfloor, the oak planking is then nailed directly through the heating element. No other electric radiant floor systems can be nailed through without damaging the system.

installing STEP Warmfloor

Transforming a cold basement to comfortable family rooms with radiant floor heat:

The photos below show how a cold basement room can be transformed to be the most comfortable room in the entire home. The photo on the left shows the STEP Warmfloor elements installed on top of cork panels. The cork serves as a thermal insulation break to prevent the radiant heat from moving to the colder concrete floor and force it up through the carpeted flooring. This will not only ensure comfort, but it will also save on electric bills.

The cork is first glued to the existing concrete floor. The STEP Warmfloor heating elements are then secured to the insulated sheet cork by utilizing approved tape of with craft glue gun.

The purpose in securing the elements is to ensure the elements are properly spaced, creating a continuous radiant heat without cold spots.

In this example, the homeowner’s previous option for heating the space was with an upgraded natural gas forced air furnace. However, their experience with forced air was that it would not provide the comfort level they designed in order to really enjoy their newly remodeled basement.

STEP Warmfloor installation

Heated basement floor

As you can see by these two examples, electric radiant heat is a fantastic option when creating the comfortable living space.

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