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Heating an RV with STEP Warmfloor (Part 1)

The number of applications the STEP Warmfloor product can be utilized for always seems to amaze me. The obvious ones are tiled bathrooms or kitchens. However, because of the product’s unique features, we also design a lot of systems for under carpeting to heat a cold basement or under hardwood floors. But this product’s uses can extend far beyond these common applications.

While was at the State Fair, one of my co-workers was asked about a unique application for STEP Warmfloor. The customer was inquiring about heating an RV motor home, which he parks near Quartzsite, Arizona for the winter. If you haven’t heard of Quartzite, you should Google it. Be prepared to be amazed at the thousands of RV’s that are camped throughout this unique and sprawling campground.

I met with this interesting retired couple in their RV after my shift at the fair. The RV was a 40 foot Winnebago, manufactured in 2005. It was in need of some minor updates, and they wanted to improve the look and feel of the RV without investing in a brand new motor home. The couple told me how they were dissatisfied with the comfort level of the existing forced air furnace and wanted to know if heating an RV with just the STEP Warmfloor product was possible.

We looked over the compartments beneath the motor home and then took some measurements of the floor space. The customer had carpeting throughout the RV except for a very small area in the kitchen, which was ceramic tile. The initial plan was to leave the tile in place and remove the carpeting, which was getting old and dirty. After learning that STEP Warmfloor is acceptable underneath wood floors, they decided to replace the carpeting with laminate wood flooring.

Heating an RV with only radiant heat poses a number of unique challenges. There was not a lot of open floor space to place the element, the RV is not a tightly constructed space and the location of the RV varies, making it difficult to design a system for total space heating. After discussing all of these obstacles, we decided on the following solution: The customer agreed to base his satisfaction on leaving the RV in Arizona and utilizing STEP Warmfloor to meet up to 80 percent of the total heating needs of the RV. This strategy worked well for the customers, as their primary buying motive was to warm up their wood laminate flooring.

The RV owners were very excited about the thought of having a floor warming system in their RV. The owners and I have talked more than a dozen times about the application and they’re excited to tell other RV people about their future project. They explained how many of the RV owners are tired of having to frequently exchange their propane tanks. Some RV owners have even chosen to operate off of solar panels . This would actually be a perfect application for the STEP Warmfloor heating element, as it works ideally with 24 volt DC solar panels.

At the time of this writing, the RV owners are driving to their winter haven in Arizona. Once they reach their destination, they will begin to tear out the existing carpeting and install STEP Warmfloor. I will write additional blogs about the installation and about how the heating system performed after this winter giving customers’ perspectives about the comfort that STEP Warmfloor provided for their RV. Stay tuned! If you are interested speaking with a representative and learning more, contact us today .