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Healthy heating

There is just no comparison between forced air and underfloor radiant heating when it comes to healthy living. Forced air systems provide air movement that is more rapid than their radiant counterparts. And with that, forced air systems provide a means to move harmful particles through your home again and again. These particulates consist of pollen, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria, dust mites and more! Unlike forced air systems, radiant heat systems do not promote the circulation of these particles, which improves the air quality in your home.Have you ever thought about all of the chemicals in your home? These can include cleaning solvents, glues, polishes and pesticides. If you live in a cooler climate like we do in Minnesota, then you understand that we spend most of our time shelled up in our homes escaping winter’s icy grasp. This means time and time again we are consistently breathing in our homes allergens and other harmful particulates, which can lead to health problems. Furthermore, forced air systems blow dry air into the home, which causes an arid indoor environment, leading to problems with dry eyes and noses, as well as throat irritations. Now, I am not advocating that underfloor heating systems will completely remove allergens and other harmful pollutants from your home; I’m simply saying they will help prevent these particulates from becoming airborne kamikazes that continually attack our bodies’ immune systems over and over again.We spend most of our time inside our homes with closed windows and doors, so why do we choose to put up with these airborne particles? The answer is that we don’t fully understand how our forced air systems operate and therefore don’t take advantage of other options to provide indoor warmth. Due to the low cost and domination of forced air systems in the U.S. heating market, most people don’t think twice about installing this kind of heating system. However, in western Europe, radiant heat is currently used in 50-80 percent of new-home construction. I’d suggest contacting some European homeowners to get their take on underfloor heating systems and why they prefer it to forced air.To help limit harmful airborne particles in your home, do your family a healthy favor: Remove any harmful chemicals that are under the kitchen sink, and place them in an area of the home that is ventilated to the outside. Fire up the vacuum to keep pet dander and dust mites to a minimum. Bust out the dust rag, and clean the furniture. Most importantly, enhance the comfort and well-being of your family by installing underfloor heating and feel the difference these systems make as they reduce airborne allergens and chemicals in your home while improving the comfort of your living space.