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Have you used STEP Warmfloor's high tech thermostat yet?

Earlier this year, STEP Warmfloor introduced a new high-tech thermostat. The new thermostat looks similar to an iPhone and is very contemporary. Rather than relying on thermostats made by other manufacturers, the manufacturer created this thermostat so that it works perfectly with their radiant floor heating system, STEP Warmfloor.

The thermostat not only provides precise temperature control to increase comfort, but it is also capable of reading outdoor temperatures. STEP Warmfloor’s high tech thermostat:

  • Relies on only two touch buttons to operateIs clear with an acrylic surface that works well with any décor
  • Displays temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Is capable of interfacing with smart home systems
  • Has touch sensor control

For more information about radiant heating systems and the high tech STEP Warmfloor thermostat, call a representative at (800) 785-8738 or visit HeatMyFloor’s underfloor heating product information page.