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Get creative and add STEP Warmfloor to your recreational equipment

 Think outside the box, and use STEP Warmfloor with all of your recreational equipment. 

 Most of the time when we talk about the subject of heating we are thinking in terms of efficiency and what is the most cost effective way to accomplish our goal.  This time we are going to cover some recreational uses for STEP Warmfloor materials to keep us warm when we are NOT in our homes.Get creative and add STEP Warmfloor to all your recreational equipment.

One popular use is to install STEP Warmfloor mats on the floor of our fish houses and on the benches (seats).  Your fish house will be so warm and comfortable that the fish will swim right through the holes on their own! 

For you die-hards who have to sit out on the ice without a shelter, no one has to know you have a radiantly heated seat on the top of that orange pail you are sitting on.

How about installing STEP Warmfloor in your RV? I bet if your family’s feet were warm at night you could get them to go camping later in the fall with you. 

Speaking of fall, here’s one for you deer hunters: imagine having warm feet and a cozy seat to spend time on while waiting for that 30-point buck!  

Maybe your old buddy Duke would like to sleep in a nice warm doghouse with a heated floor. He won’t even want to come into the house he’ll be so content!

I’m also guessing the guys who like to take their wives fishing might be able to keep them on the lake a little longer if you provided them with a nice, warm heated seat.  I bet even you might like that on those chilly spring and fall days in the boat.

All kidding aside, creativity is all that keeps you from making some of your cherished activities more comfortable by adding some STEP Warmfloor products to your recreational equipment.  Why not look into it and give it a try.  If that works, adding it to your house might be an even bigger win for you and your family.