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Floor Thermostats and Underfloor Heating Systems

At trade shows and other events, I’m often asked if a floor thermostat is needed for STEP Warmfloor installations.

This is a good question. After all, most electric underfloor radiant heating systems require a floor thermostat to be installed. These sensors ensure that cable systems will not over heat, causing premature failure. Floor thermostats also help to keep the room at a desired level of comfort near your feet while at the same time not conflicting with your main heat source. With a cable system, the floor temperature depends on where you placed the floor thermostat.

Floor sensors always work in conjunction with room thermostats. Operating floor-sensing thermostats can be confusing. Most people will set the floor thermostat temperature to the temperature they set on a standard thermostat. This set point temperature is typically 72° F. If the floor sensing thermostat set point temperature is at 72°, that is the maximum temperature the floor will reach.

Good thermostats have the capability of simultaneously monitoring a variety of temperatures such as the floor temperature and the ambient air temperature. These unique thermostats let the user set a minimum and a maximum floor temperature. The thermostat will turn on or off to maintain the desired floor temperature regardless of the ambient air temperature.

With a STEP Warmfloor system, floor thermostats are not necessarily needed because the STEP Warmfloor heating element self-regulates. This means that as the temperature of the floor gets warmer, the element draws less power and subsequently less heat, eliminating concerns about overheating. You can basically think of the STEP Warmfloor heating elements working as a floor thermostat at every square inch of the product. This provides the best overall comfort of any underfloor electric radiant heating system.

Regardless of what type of electric underfloor heating system you choose for your application, I would recommend installing a floor thermostat to help you maximize the comfort of your home.