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Featured Job - Heated wood kitchen floor

Article written by Gary Bendzick, with Bendzick Builders

I started working with the HeatMyFloors team back in March of 2009, and my experience has been very good. I've been working on my own home remodel project, and my goal was to find an electric radiant heating product that I don't have to worry about after installation. There are a lot of electric radiant floor heat products out there, but one that best met my needs when heating a wood floor - STEP Warmfloor.

Before and after STEP Warmfloor

My kitchen project is plywood subfloors with hardwood flooring. STEP Warmfloor worked well under the wood and barely raised the floor height. That, and the fact that you can nail and staple through STEP without fear of the product failing were selling points for me. Superior durability and reliability, along with low energy use made me confident in my decision. I'm a busy contractor and can't afford to go back when a customer calls and says their electric heat doesn't work, so this product was the answer. I've used it on multiple customer jobs as well, with no issues. I would recommend you give STEP Warmfloor a try next time you are heating wood floors.

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Heated kitchen floor Heated kitchen floor