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Design Considerations for Your Snow Melt System

A snow melt system is used to remove snow and ice through the use of electric heating cables. The cables are buried beneath concrete, asphalt or pavers for a driveway or walkway. When the system operates, snow and ice quickly melt. This increases safety and eliminates the need for shoveling, plowing and salting. While snow melt systems provide many benefits, there are several factors that need to be considered when designing a snow melt system.

First, it is highly recommended to have a contractor from a reputable company design your system. The contractor should understand your expectations and review the following considerations with you:

sidewalk melt

  • The rate of snowfall
  • Average temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed
  • Dimension of application
  • Cable spacing
  • Controls – automatic or manual
  • Drainage or runoff to prevent ice build u
  • Thermal insulation to minimize edge heat loss
  • Expansion joints to limit cracking
  • Electrical service capability

When these design elements are taken into consideration, you will have a snow melt system that is perfectly suited for your property. For more information about’s HeatTrak snow melt product, visit the product page.