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Creating a Bathroom With Underfloor Heating | HeatMyFloors

It is that time of year again when homeowners are looking into remodeling their homes. After this year’s long and dreadful winter, many of these homeowners have been cooped up dreaming of their home’s makeover plans. Often people think about the aesthetics of their remodeling project and forget about energy-efficiency improvements. However, neglecting energy-efficiency improvements can end up costing you more as the unpredictable costs of fossil fuels continue to rise.

heated bathroom floor

One project that is high on the list for many homeowners is updating their bathroom. There are many options when remodeling a bathroom. For starters, homeowners need to think about their vanity, lighting, tub and shower. The flooring type is another choice homeowners need to make. It is not only the flooring type, but the color choices of the tile and the right grout to make the tile stand out. The homeowner usually spends hours deciding the color scheme they would like to go with, but they do not consider how to create an energy-efficient bathroom. When you are out shopping, a salesperson may ask you if you would like to have a floor heating system installed under your bathroom tile. The floor can be cold and uncomfortable in the winter.”

The salesperson has the electric radiant floor heating system to do the job. However, do they have the understanding of the energy-efficiency characteristics of the product they carry? Do they understand the thermal dynamics of losing heat to a colder subfloor or concrete slab?

In addition, did the salesperson tell you about the differences in thermostats? What about floor sensing thermostats? Do you need one in a room heated by another heat source? Most homeowner’s look at the lowest cost option of a floor heating system and that is a problem. Fast forward a couple of months after the floor heating system is turned on. The homeowner has a warm and comfortable floor, but they do not like the energy bill they receive.

What if you had a choice to purchase a floor warming system that is almost three times more efficient at delivering heat to your tile floors? What if you had a choice to have insulation under the floor warming system that would add comfort and reduce operating costs? What about integrating photovoltaic solar panels into the system that heats your bathroom floor? Are you going to hear about these choices from your flooring store? Probably not!

There is a plethora of choices to make when choosing an electric radiant floor heating system for your energy-efficient bathroom remodeling project. At we have the products and the experience to answer your questions that will provide an ideal and warm outcome. For more information, call a representative at (763) 477-3664, or request a quote via the web.