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Comparison heating with STEP Warmfloor and electric resistance heating cables

The interest in underfloor heating has picked up immensely over the years due to homeowner’s request for increasing comfort, particularly with cold tile bathroom floors. What homeowners don’t consider is the big difference in energy savings and reliability that STEP Warm Floor provides and what electric resistance cables can never offer. 

To give you my best analogy: STEP Warm Floor is like heating with Light Emitting Diodes (LED), whereas electric cable systems are like heating with incandescent bulbs. 

An incandescent light bulb hangs next to an LED light bulb that is illuminated.

STEP Warmfloor
The STEP Warm Floor heating element provides the same superior reliability and long life of LEDs with energy savings to match. This unique 12” wide heating element generates its power by safe, low voltage power of 24 volts AC or DC. Think solar! STEP Warm Floor has carbon black embedded into the polymer that will never overheat, as it is incapable of reaching temperatures above 82°F (standard heating element).  The product is proven to be 250 percent more efficient than antiquated cable systems. Kind of like LED lighting, don’t you think?  Now that’s reliability and energy efficiency as it should be! Furthermore, the STEP Warm Floor system is very DIY friendly (I’m looking at you, weekend warriors!) And did I mention that you can also nail or staple through the product to hold it down to the subfloor? 

Electric Heating Cables
Electric heating cables are like incandescent light bulbs. These constant wattage cables are outdated technology and energy hogs that have similar reliability of incandescent light bulbs. Plus, these cables are very prone to overheating, especially when the heat is trapped underneath a bathroom mat or rug.  Electric heating cables can reach temperatures of 120°F. They need to reach this higher temperature to move the heat laterally to the adjacent cable to try to provide even floor temperatures.  Why do we need to create so much heat energy to reach a comfortable level when a floor temperature should never reach above 85°F? That’s a big difference in heating technologies.

There are so many more benefits for homeowners with STEP Warm Floor. The bottom line is you can still provide enhanced comfort under any flooring system by utilizing the STEP Warm Floor product that delivers energy savings and superior performance and reliability. No matter the size of your project, this system will provide enhanced comfort that is easy on the energy bill and will outperform outdated cable heating systems and exceed your expectations.