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Come See us at the Great Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair is right around the corner! The great get together will run from August 22 – September 2. During that time, will have products on display for your review in the upper level of the Minnesota State Fair grandstand (booth #210).

You may be thinking, “The summer is not the best time to display heating products.” This may seem true; however, we know as Minnesotans that once the state fair is complete, the signs of “old man winter” will soon appear! As employees of, we get excited to work the 12-day event. It gives us a chance to visit with new customers and hear their excitement about the remodeling projects or plans they have. Our radiant floor heating products work well under any floor covering and are installed virtually into any residential, commercial and industrial applications. With that being said, there are many types of projects that can use these products. The Minnesota State Fair also provides employees with the opportunity to visit with customers that have used our products in the past. It is great to hear comments and feedback about how they thoroughly enjoy the unsurpassed comfort that radiant floor heating provides. We also hear many comments on how easy radiant floor heating products are to install.

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While visiting our booth, you will have the opportunity to feel the heating displays and watch a clip that highlights the many successful radiant floor heating products that has worked with in the past. In addition, you can talk with knowledgeable employees that will answer any questions you may have regarding your remodeled home or plans for the future.

I am still working on the perfect food item that could be called, “radiant on a stick.” I am not sure if I can get this done prior to the event, but we will see!

We look forward to seeing you at the Minnesota State Fair!