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Home Improvement Event | HeatMyFloors

Well, it’s that time of year again – fair season. Minnesotans across the state are getting ready for the great Minnesota get-together at the Minnesota State Fair, which will be held August 23 through September 3, 2012. It’s always interesting to hear about the new types of food that will be showcased at the fair, and somehow, they manage to put everything on a stick! Personally, I have mixed feelings about going to the state fair. Yes, the food is enticing and the performances are very entertaining, but I think the people watching might be one of its greatest attractions.

Along with the food and droves of interesting people, will also be at Minnesota State Fair this year in the Grand Stand – booth #210. You might be thinking, “You try to sell radiant floor heating at the Minnesota State Fair in August? Are you kidding me? That’s like selling ice cream to an Eskimo!”

Surprisingly, the Minnesota State Fair is a great place to meet with customers that will be building a new home or working on remodeling projects, who are less likely to attend other home improvement events. Where else do you have the opportunity to showcase your product lines to more than 100,000 people per day over a 12 day period? The answer is nowhere! Many of the fair goers wouldn’t attend your typical home show; this gives them an opportunity to visit our booth and talk about applications to heat their homes.

One of the more popular questions that we got last year was: “Can I heat my existing bathroom floor without ripping up the tile?” The answer is yes. If the room below the bathroom floor has an unfinished ceiling, the STEP Warmfloor product can easily be installed between the floor joists in the room below in less than a weekend. The same goes for a kitchen hardwood floor or even a family room with an accessible crawl space below it. (See previous blogs for more in-depth information on these applications.) As you can see, even though the state fair isn’t your average home improvement event, we end up drawing in quite a few do-it-yourselfers.

As I stroll through the fairgrounds, I think of the other vendors displaying their product lines and come to the realization that many of these vendors could use our STEP Warmfloor product in their day to day work. Take the swine barn, for instance. The STEP Warmfloor product would be an ideal fit for keeping young piglets warm. The safe heating element can be placed on a small section of the concrete floor away from the sow. This application would have the benefits of energy efficiency and provide a healthy, warm environment for the young piglets. Presently, many farmers use heat lamps to keep piglets warm. These are effective, but are also a fire hazard.

Another attraction that could benefit from STEP Warmfloor is the green houses. The STEP Warmfloor heating element could be installed underneath a soil bed. The consistent low voltage heat would be a great way to germinate seeds for growers or maintain plant health in a greenhouse during a cold Minnesota winter.

Moving up to machinery hill, the STEP Warmfloor heating element could be used to heat the seats in those fancy combines and tractors. If I can come up with this many solutions for the fair, think of all the ideas I’ve concocted after attending other home improvement events! The endless applications go on and on.

Now I just need to think of how to sell radiant heat on a stick. Hmmm… let’s see… I could take a hot piece of soft candy and form it in the shape of a foot, and place it on a stick. Think of all the people walking around licking a foot! Now that’s strange! But hey, it’s a perfect fit for the fair. Come stop by our booth, and say hello.