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Benefits of continuous heating

puppies on floor, STEP Warmfloor, radiant heat

Home heating products that are tied to a thermostat turn on until the desired temperature is met and then turn off. offers the STEP Warmfloor radiant floor heating product which, depending on the application, does not need a thermostat because the energy efficient product is capable of self-regulating. This means it only uses as much energy as is needed to maintain a consistent temperature and it will never overheat. A bathroom is a good example where a thermostat is not needed. A switch could be used to turn the system on in the fall and simply switch it off in the spring or when you decide to not heat the bathroom floor. specializes in this low-voltage system, which draws 7.8 watts/square foot and self-regulates down to as low as 4.5 watts/square foot. Compare this to a traditional ceiling fan, which runs on 125 watts. When passive solar heat, like a sunbeam, contacts the floor, the STEP Warmfloor heating element senses the rise in temperature and reduces amount of energy required to maintain an even temperature at the spot where the passive heating hits the floor. For this reason, STEP Warmfloor will only draw the necessary energy required to maintain the ideal temperature. It is the only low voltage, self-regulation system available in the market. If you’re concerned about energy savings and long-term reliability then STEP Warmfloor is the best choice.

The STEP Warmfloor self-regulation technology is like getting better fuel economy on the freeway with the cruise control set versus the bad fuel economy a vehicle gets from starting and stopping between stoplights/signs in the city. The city driving example is similar to what one can expect from an electric cable system. So, leave it on the freeway and let it ride!

Not only will your family enjoy lasting comfort, the STEP Warmfloor product will provide hassle-free comfort with no maintenance needed and a 20-year limited warranty.

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