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Why continuous heating is less expensive than on-off heating

There are several options when it comes to in-floor heat. Electric cables are the most popular, but they are more expensive to use than the STEP Warmfloor product and will cost you much more over time.

step warmfloor

Electric cables draw 12-15 watts/square foot of power compared to STEP Warmfloor, which is a low-voltage system that will draw 7.8 watts/square foot and self-regulate down to as low as 4.5 watts/square foot. Just like gas furnaces, electric cables are tied to a thermostat. They turn on until the desired temperature is met and then turn off. The STEP Warmfloor technology is self-regulating, which means it only uses as much energy as is needed to maintain a consistent temperature. The STEP Warmfloor technology is like getting better fuel economy on the freeway with the cruise control set versus the bad fuel economy one can expect from electric cables and from a vehicle starting and stopping between stoplights/signs. So, leave it on the freeway and let it ride!

The STEP Warmfloor product from does not need a thermostat because it self-regulates, which requires less energy, and it won’t overheat. The process of self-regulating is likened to using LED lighting instead of incandescent lighting systems. LEDs produce the same or better lighting and many years of comfort without the concern of over-heating. With STEP Warmfloor, the floor temperatures will be gentle and even with a 12-inch wide element as opposed to the smaller 1/8-inch diameter cables that need to be spaced precisely to avoid cold spots.

Not only are you making an investment in your home and your family’s comfort, buying the STEP Warmfloor product is an investment that pays back for years to come through reduced maintenance costs and substantial savings on heating expenses over the life of the product. STEP Warmfloor is extremely reliable and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

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