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Heated floors with no remodel needed

staple-up in-floor heatWant in-floor heat but don’t want to rip up your flooring to install it? If your basement ceiling is open and unfinished, you can heat the floors above it. offers the STEP Warmfloor low voltage electric radiant heat product, which you can simply staple in between the ceiling joists from the unfinished room below. The STEP Warmfloor heating element will drive heat up through the subfloor and to the flooring material that is above it. When you step, sit, or lay down on this floor, you will experience the gentle warmth that it provides. If you have a beautiful tile floor or any other floor covering and are regretting not installing floor heating in the first place, now is your chance to create a super comfortable room with a staple up application using our energy efficient STEP Warmfloor system. 

staple up in-floor heatWhen installing STEP Warmfloor in your floor joists, the heating element should be stapled directly to the subfloor, then insulated well to drive the heat up through the floor. Fiberglass batting (R-11 or higher) or friction fit 1-inch polystyrene should be installed directly after the heating element. Do not use foil faced insulation against the low voltage element.

Basements and crawlspaces often have access to the floor joists, floor trusses, or I-joists. These joists have a space between the floor suspension systems supporting the subfloor. This space is where our radiant heating product is installed to provide an underfloor heated surface to keep you warm and cozy. Installation is fairly easy. On a DIY scale from 1-10 we would give it a 6. 

STEP Warmfloor is approved to work under any floor covering, including tile, carpet, wood and even the growing in popularity Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) applications. The strong and flexible plastic mat measures 12 inches wide and is only as thick as a penny. 

If the possibility of using staple-up, in-floor heating systems is an option in your home, give a call at (800) 785-8738 or contact us today to discuss what your options are.