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Articles on Heated Floors

What flooring types does underfloor heating work with?

High temperatures have the potential to ruin many flooring types, but in most installation cases, it’s just not necessary to put out that much heat. Think about it: Why is it necessary to install a high temperature cable system that can reach 120 degrees or higher when all that is needed is 75-80 degrees to heat the floor?

Can underfloor heating be installed by a do-it-yourselfer?

The above question comes up quite often from homeowners that attend local trade shows. Everyone is looking to save money by tackling home improvement projects on their own. The question really comes down to this – if you are a do-it yourself (DIY) type of person, what level of experience do you have, and do you feel confident that you can do the project correctly?

Get the most out of your wood floors with an electric underfloor heating system

One of the most sought after features in a home for prospective buyers is wood flooring. Why? Because they are beautiful, durable and natural.

My Tile Floor Installation

Do you ever get the handyman bug?  Or, is it just a push from your significant other to start a project? For me, I realized a couple weeks ago that something was in the air.  (You know you better start preparing yourself when your wife is thumbing through the local home improvement magazines and paying more attention to the DIY channels on television.) [...]

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