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Articles on Heated Floors

Learn how STEP Warmfloor can be used under an assortment of flooring types.

Have you used STEP Warmfloor's high tech thermostat yet?

Earlier this year, STEPWarmfloor introduced a new high-tech themrostat. Read to learn more.

Learn how radiant floor heating can benefit your home.

Choose the right radiant floor heating system

When it comes to radiant floor heating systems there are many options to consider for each type of project you are working on. Read to find out more.

When it comes to under floor radiant heating, many people have questions before installing their system. Read to find out the answers.

Featured Job - Heated wood kitchen floor

Read about installing radiant floor heat under a wood floor, in a kitchen. This article was written by Gary Bendzick, with Bendzick Builders. It also includes before and after pictures!

Step Warmfloor Can Be Used With Off-The-Grid Heating

STEP Warmfloor can be utilized with solar panels. Read to find out more.s

Prepping for electric underfloor heating

It is important to prepare before you install electric underfloor heating. Read to find out more.

Creating a Bathroom With Underfloor Heating | HeatMyFloors

Learn how to create a bathroom using underfloor heating products.

Learn why contractors should take the time to perform a heat loss calculation.

How to Heat A Granite Countertop Using STEP Warmfloor

Learn how to heat a granite countertop using's STEPWarmfloor product.

Learn about STEPWarmfloor's innovative new thermostat

Design Considerations for Your Snow Melt System

Learn about the factors that need to be considered when designing a snow melt system.

Relieve The Burden Of Shoveling With Snow-Melting Mats

Learn how HeatTrak snow melting mats can be your winter an easy and safe one.

Keep your garage warm this winter with the help of Berko heaters

Design Ideas for Your Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Learn what features need to be considered when designing your radiant floor heating systems.

Electric Radiant Heating Projects Complete Ordinary Rooms

Learn how electric radiant heat can improve an ordinary room in your home.

Radiant Floor Heating Improves Air Quality

Did you know?Ahealthy way to lower the indoor pollution of allergens is to reduce the use of forced air heating systems. Read to find out more.

Choose and Correctly Place a Radiant Floor Heat Thermostat

Learn about the basics of the most common thermostats used for electric radiant floor heating.